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“yes, there’s an herb for that!“

Chinese herbal medicine is safe for the entire family. It has been prescribed effectively for thousands of years. Consider using herbal formulas for your conditions.

No side effects

Can be used alone or in conjunction with acupuncture and other healing modalities.

Safe for pregnant women unless otherwise stated.

Children can take adult formulas by adjusting for their size, or special formulas for them.

  • We want you and your family to have access and knowledge about natural medicine as alternatives or compliments to pharmaceuticals. We are here to help. Please ask for herbal consultations for best results.

  • We are giving out this information for educational purposes only and are not intending to prescribe medicine. Please consult your health care provider before using any herbs or supplements.

  • Doses are unique to each brand and formula. The dose will be listed on each bottle. Note that the dose is intended for a 100lb adult so adjust the dose accordingly by size.

  • There are many safe and tested herbal formula brands. I prefer Health Concerns and KAN.

There are many more effective and safe formulas for just about everything. These are just a few formulas for common conditions.

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