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Feeling a little out of control these days? Me too!

This whole “2020” is so out of hand, right?

But, it has made me try to focus more on finding my happy vibe, regardless of what’s going on out there. I admit, I was going a little mad for a while. I wasn’t even being very nice out there, truth be told.

What’s helped me is to divide my world into the Micro-world, the little world of me and mine, vs. the big huge scary Macro-world out there.

That Macro world is filled with some scary stuff. There’s just a whole lot of unpleasantness everywhere you look. There are so many wild goose chases trying to place blame on this group or that for all our troubles. (Were it that simple!)

It seems to be bringing out the worst in us. And putting so much of our attention on things we can’t control only serves to create feelings of anxiety, powerlessness and stress. Pretty soon we are not really the good people we really are.

I decided that the way to look at it was to think about the idea that we have 2 worlds, 2 realities.

There’s the big/macro one that I can’t control so much.

Yes, you can help influence this Macro-world. You can work towards your cause, go vote, whatever. But much of it is out of your immediate control.

But my little Micro universe. Now there is something I can control.

I can control what I watch on tv. I can control when I go to bed. I’m in charge of what I eat (usually!). I’m in charge of whether I take the time to nurture myself: to be out in nature, to move my body. I’m in charge of whether I meditate or not. I’m in charge of how I treat others, yes, even them.

When I look for beauty in my world I seem to find it. When I look for ways to be kind, I find them. When I practice gratitude and mindfulness I am grateful and at peace. (mostly!)

I admit I really have to work at this sometimes. But it’s created a profound shift in my perspective, and ultimately a shift in my micro-world too.

My hope and belief is that maybe if we all focus on being the best we can be in our micro-universe, it can’t help but change the world.

Control what is yours to control. Let go of the rest.

Be easy on yourself and others.

Give everyone the benefit of the doubt. They are doing the best they can too.

Trust your journey.

Have a little faith.

Things always do work out in the end.

Best, Kate

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