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Fighting the flu? Or even a cold?

These herbs are powerful to fight off most anything going around!

Isatis Gold is a combo of Echinacea & Golden Seal with some other Chinese herbs.

You may take Echinacea and/or Goldenseal by themselves too.

These are NOT for long term use! Up to 10 days is fine.

Take a the fist sign of a cold or flu, every 1-3 hours. Use the dose listed on the bottle.

If you are not feeling sick, but are around sick people or are traveling (and possibly around sick people!), take the lowest dose listed on bottle.

Dosages are for about 100 lbs people, so adjust accordingl.

Safe for pregnancy and kids.

In Chinese medicine, it is not just about the germs, or being exposed.

There has to be an imbalance going on with you. Such as stress, poor sleep, anxiety, rushing around like mad, eating not so good, not exercising- basically not taking good care of you!

So do keep in mind, taking care of yourself with the 4 Pillars of health-

Good sleep

Good food


Quieting the Mind (I wont say the M word, but it’s meditation!, It can be done by other means..breath work, restorative yoga, etc)

It is normal to be out of balance here and there!

Enjoy yourself!

And know there are ways to get back in balance, and even fight the flu!

Herbs, acupuncture, massage, painting, nature..

Take it easy! Be well!

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