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Sinus congestion driving you crazy?

This is one of the greatest sinus clearing formulas ever!

It is for thick congestion, not the watery allergy kind. It is for yellow or even green phlegm, post nasal drip.

It is safe for pregnancy and kids too (just open a capsule cut the dose by weight.)

The dose is for a 100lb adult.

The dose is on the bottle.

You may want to cut down or eliminate dairy and even sugar as they can cause more phlegm.

You can do a sinus rinse a couple times a day. I prefer NEILMED brand available at most pharmacy section. Add distilled water that’s warmed up a bit.

Use acupressure points Stomach 3 and Large Intestine 21 too. They are both on the face. Stomach 3 is directly below the eye, level with the end of your nose. Large Intestine 21 is at the outer edge of your nose at the crease. They will feel sore when you press which is a sign you need it. You can look them up online too. They usually have pictures.

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