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Sinuses stopped up? Congested? Post-nasal drip?

Got a sinus infection?

This is a million dollar formula!

This is one of the best formulas to get rid of sinus gunk I know.

Don‘t take it if you‘re pregnant.

NASAL TABS 2 by Health Concerns is A pregnancy safe alternative.

This comes in liquid or pills.

Safe for children. Cut the dose based on weight. This is for a 100lb person.

Put in hot water for a couple minutes to take out the alcohol if you are using the liquid. Crush the pill up if you‘re using the tablet.

Take every 1-3 hours for severe congestion.

Add NEILMED sinus rinse twice a day too. It really helps. That’s at every pharmacy section of most stores.

Avoid dairy and sugar too. If you can!

Take care!

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