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Tripledemic? You got this!

Don't be scared!

You don't have to succumb to any or all of these bugs going around, and if you do, there are natural ways to fight it and win.

The first step- keep your immune system strong!

I know it's hard sometimes but, you can-

You can

  1. say 'no' to things you'd rather not do

  2. go to bed early, get some sleep

  3. drink more water

  4. move your body most every day

  5. add some veggies and protein to your diet

  6. eat 3 times a day- make it a three-some- veggies, protein & fat-preferably in that order. Even if you're dipping into some holiday treats, eating like that will help

  7. meditate for 15 minutes a day-yes, that's all it takes!

  8. relax!

The second step- add support if you need it.

Such as-

Herbs to bolster your immune system like "Power Mushrooms" by Health Concerns, or

Jade Windscreen by KAN.

Herbs to help you sleep like "Schizandra Dreams by Health Concerns, or Gaia Sleep formula

A formula to fight any symptoms you may get like "Isatis Gold" by Health Concerns or Goldenseal with Echinacea. Take every few hours. Take 2-3 times a day if you're around some sickies.

You can add acupuncture, massage and restorative yoga too.

If you do end up sick, herbs can help get you better faster. See an herbalist or practitioner asap.

Prevention and natural medicine works!

Stay well.

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