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Your Healthy Home Medicine Chest

Every home should have a medicine cabinet!

The most common challenges we face are:

Colds & flus, injuries & pain, digestion, sleep & immune system issues.

Here’s what I suggest-

Isatis Gold for colds & flus.

Resinall E Tabs for acute injury & trauma,

Quiet Digestion for any digestive problems like nausea, bloating, diarrhea, morning sickness, Schizandra Dreams for sleep

Power Mushrooms for immune system boosting & fatigue.

These are all by my favorite Chinese medicine brand- Health Concerns.

The doses are on the bottle. They are safe for pregnancy and kids too (just decrease the dose) They are available on my website, or other online retailers.

If you have other brands you like, you can use them instead!

Remember to stock up on natural formulas for those 5 common things-colds & flus, injuries/pain, digestion, sleep & immune system so you are prepared!

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