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Facial Gua Sha- a natural way to rejuvenate your complexion

Did you know these inexpensive and gentle tools have been used for centuries to revitalize your skin?

In Ancient China, women have used facial Gua Sha on a regular routine to

  • increase collagen production

  • decrease fine lines and wrinkles

  • increase circulation on the face and neck

  • relax the face and improve appearance

Get them at any online retailer. Here’s one set

Apply facial oil to your clean face. Do each stroke 5-8 times.

Jawline, neck, chin, lips and nose

Starting at the one side of the neck,

using one of the bigger flat tools or large roller, gently scrape upwards.

Scrape all sides of the neck, including the center line.

Continue to the jawline going to the earlobe.

Work from the nose out to ears. Continue with the upper and lower lip, and the chin.

Eyes and brows

Using the small roller, work the lids and under the eye areas. Continue towards the temple.


Beginning at the hairline, glide the roller form the middle towards the temples.

You may do this daily or every few days.

Your skin may become pink or slightly red. It should not leave any marks when done correctly.

Do not used over acne or sores.

Experience this ancient beauty secret for yourself!

There are many great videos online for more info!

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