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The power of cupping therapy for pain relief!

These inexpensive and strange looking things can:

  • Relieve pain

  • Increase range of motion and mobility

  • Improve circulation

  • Release toxins

  • Release scar tissue and adhesions

  • Open the chest to decrease coughs

  • Clears the lymphatic system

They are safe for all ages! They can be done with little suction to strong suction based on your comfort level. They should feel good, not horribly painful. Like a deep massage-It is to your tolerance level.

They say that a few minutes of cupping is comparable to 20 minutes of deep tissue massage!

Just put them on areas of pain and pump the trigger! Common places are the neck and back, but even legs and arms work. They work best on flatter surfaces but the small ones can often work on less flat or curvy areas.

You will likely get red to purple marks that last for up to a week. Over time you usually get less severe looking marks as your circulation increases.

. You can Buy these cups here .

f you are doing them on yourself, these silicone ones are easier to work. You just put on the skin and push down a few times to create suction.

These can be gentler for kids and sensitive people.

Discover the amazing healing powers of the ancient art of cuppng!

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